March 2006 Information about Free Audio C.D.
This is not distributed through this web site.
But we are involved with this project, and provide this web site as an alternative point of contact.
March 2006 Uploading new pages as part of checking that all links etc. work. Some material was not correctly linked from other pages.
Camp Meeting Anniversary In consultation with others who may be interested, we are planning to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the 1807 Camp Meeting with a walk from Mow Cop to Ramsor
The proposal is described on our Home Page.
Further information will be posted when available.
October 2005 Linked BLOGSPOT site This allows us to post material and also allows comments.
General note
No new material posted to this web site.
We had an interesting year in terms of old books and other material.
But it was not possible to get this in web format one factor was needing to get a new computer.
26 July 2004
Full text
This Amiable Family, by Rev. David Leese
An illuminating window upon 19th century Methodism
in a corner of North Staffordshire of interest to us.
22 May 2003 Diagramatic Site Plan
27 July 2002 A new section devoted to Ramsor , linking all available material relating to this remarkable place. Ramsor had a special place in Primitive Methodist History, and was frequently visited by Hugh Bourne, who conducted his first ever funeral service (1810) there only 2 years after a Camp Meeting (1808).
This will take some time, even including only the material now available on this site.
This is a prelude to writing a history of Primitive Methodism in the Ramsor Circuit.

If you have any original material relating to Ramsor, especially extracts from Primitive Methodist Magazines, and extract from Journals of Preachers, please let us know.

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