26 July 2004
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This Amiable Family, by Rev. David Leese
An illuminating window upon 19th century Methodism
in a corner of North Staffordshire of interest to us.
7 March 2004 Wesleyan Methodism in the Congleton Circuit, by John Dyson
Finished (at last) the TABLES to complete this book.
This includes some very useful material on John Wesley's early preaching.
7 February 2004 Methodism in my Native Village, by Thomas Willshaw
The history of Methodism in Cheddleton to 1891.
This is a very interesting account illustrated with a number of brief biographies.
7 February 2004 The Waldenses or Vaudois,
The Methodist Magazine, 1826.
An account of a visit to the moderator of the Waldenses.
15 January 2004 Extracts from The Overcomer magazine, December 1914
Material relating to the 1904 Welsh Revival of which 2004 is the Centenary.
This is outside our normal scope, but is of interest comparing the Welsh Revival with early Methodism.
A key figure in 1904 was Evan Roberts, then in training for the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist ministry.
He later produced The Overcomer with Mrs. Jessie Penn Lewis, the magazine's editor.
22 May 2003 Diagramatic Site Plan
27 July 2002 A new section devoted to Ramsor , linking all available material relating to this remarkable place. Ramsor had a special place in Primitive Methodist History, and was frequently visited by Hugh Bourne, who conducted his first ever funeral service (1810) there only 2 years after a Camp Meeting (1808).
This will take some time, even including only the material now available on this site.
This is a prelude to writing a history of Primitive Methodism in the Ramsor Circuit.

If you have any original material relating to Ramsor, especially extracts from Primitive Methodist Magazines, and extract from Journals of Preachers, please let us know.

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