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16 November 2001 Primitive Methodist Magazine for October 1830 (includes accounts from the Darlaston Circuit and the Redruth Circuit)
Primitive Methodist Magazine for October 1830 (includes accounts from the Darlaston Circuit and the Redruth Circuit)
Ecton Chapel with photo by kind permission of Landmark Publications..
Documents including Croxden Abbey dissolution deed, 1538, and letters of John Wesley to William Orpe.
8 November 2001 Some additional Chapels added. Chapel List
Material being processed includes
* additional Circuit Plans ;
* notes on the Orpe family, which include one of John Wesley's Travelling Preachers ;
* extracts from the Ellastone Parish Register from 1538 onwards.
14 August 2001 A History of the Primitive Methodist Connexion by Rev H B Kendall.
7 August 2001 Notes on Flash, Hulme End and Warslow..
5 August 2001 New material and photos to be added this month on various Chapels and documents relating to Primitive Methodism.
1822 PM Circuit Plan, Ramsor ; link to Mow Cop general site ;
15 July 2001 A letter by John Wesley, 1748, describing the origins of some aspects of Methodist organisation, for example The Class Meeting.
10 June 2001 Some additional photographs including of the 200th Anniversary of Hollinsclough Chapel
3 June 2001 General re-writing of some of the introductions.
Addition of further links : - GENUKI, Leek Tourist Information, Cromford Mill and Arkwright Society.
April 2001 Some of the material on this archive was the subject of a presentation at the WESLEY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, EAST MIDLANDS BRANCH Material from that event will be added to this site during the next few weeks. This will include maps illustrating and clarifying Dyson Methodism on the Leek Circuit and Ashworth Life of Hugh Bourne which are available in text versions (below). We plan to do 2 options : - (i) a supplement to the text copy ; (ii) a full text copy with drawings included in the relevant places.
8 April 2001 Section on Primitive Methodism from A New History Of Methodism by Townsend, Workman and Eayrs now available.

Supplementary section started containing Maps and Diagrams to illustrate main sources.

09 March 2001 Wesleyan Methodism in the Leek Circuit ( Centenary Book ) (Rev. J. B. Dyson, 1853), all completed
04 March 2001 Life of Hugh Bourne, all completed

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25 February 2001 General revisions
Home page ; Primitive Methodism introduction ; Notice Board.
17 January 2001

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7 January 2001 Added Methodist Links page

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