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Our objective is to provide a record of the history of Methodist and other Christian activity in the North Staffordshire hill country.

We could easily expand this to a Christian Heritage Archive rather than just Methodist, but the task would be too large. Links to other web sites will gladly be added as we become aware of them, including Parish and Diocese web sites.

In the course of study, I have found that the story of early Methodism has a message for us today.

In particular, I have read of men and women whose faith and devotion puts to shame our own spiritual poverty at the start of the 21st Century. They challenged the low spiritual state of the 18th Century, and brought many to know God. These include Selina Shirley, Countess of Huntingdon, who challenged an Archbishop, and Cisley Ferguson, who before her marriage evangelised a village.

The name of this web site was inspired by William Shirley, one of many notable Christians in the last half of the 19th Century.

outline map (14k)

The initial area of interest is that bounded by the towns of

LEEK (West), BUXTON (North) and ASHBOURNE (South-East).

However, this will spill over to much of Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire as well as neighbouring counties like Warwickshire.

Not far from this triangle (to the West) is Mow Cop.
This is the site of the first Camp Meetings, famous in the rise of   Primitive Methodism

To the North-East is Cliff College, which has a vital place in British Methodism.

If you have any contributions you think may be suitable, please Contact us.

This Web Site is being worked on, original registration June 2000.

We plan to add local maps and a variety of items.

Please visit from time to time to see how we are getting on.

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Ten of the Chapels in the area were in the Wetton And Longnor Methodist Circuit. My father was one of the Ministers on that Circuit, and had also served on the Leek Circuit.

Sadly, many of the village Chapels have now closed. I believe that there is a history worth recording, and a tribute worth paying to people whose lives are still an inspiration. And a part of their legacy is a challenge to our own spiritual life.

This web site is named after one of the smaller of these Chapels, but one which illustrates the history of many a village.

As research for this site has progressed, I have discovered a greater link between my own family history and the area of interest. One section, therefore, will include some of this family background. Inevitably I have used material from my own family in some of the sections of this site. That is for convenience, that it is available to me and I do not have to seek copyright permission.

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News, Events and Church Services

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Proposed sections of this web site include : -

As I get them sorted out, I shall add documents, maps and photographs to illustrate the area.

North Staffordshire has much to attract the tourist, including Dovedale and the Manifold Valley, as well as much rugged moorland. There is an outstanding sunset view from Merryton Low looking across The Roaches.

Visitors to the village of Hollinsclough (about 6 miles south of Buxton) may like to visit the Methodist Bookroom. One of their publications is "Gerty's story", the life of Gerty Mellor, spanning most of the 20th century.

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