This is the more pictorial of two introductions to the geography of North Staffordshire. The other (intro) is more narrative and historical.

View across Manifold Valley (134k) . Wolfscote Dale, River Dove (91k)
Manifold Valley and Dove Valley

On the left is a view from Wetton across the Manifold Valley. On the more detailed image, the spire of Butterton Church may be seen on the skyline. The view on the right is part of Wolfscote Dale, upstream from the famous Dovedale.

Thse illustrate the limestone hill country, which is the southern end of The Pennines and of the Peak District National Park. The Rivers Dove and Manifold rise in the moors south of Buxton, and run through sandstone moorland for some distance before reaching the limestone hills just south of Hartington (the Dove) and Hulme End (the Manifold). Just near Apes Tor, the river Manifold can be seen changing character as it reaches the limestone.

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First draft August 2000