William Shirley Memorial (140k) The memorial (text) to William Shirley (died 1903) now removed from Rewlach Chapel and lying in a field, was one of the inspirations for this project. The memorial was rescued after the closure of the chapel and its sale.

The Shirley family typify much of Methodist history in the North Staffordshire hills.

Mrs. Mary Shirley (1) just missed hearing John Wesley preach as he passed through Longnor. But she did hear another Methodist preacher, Mr. Thomas Warwick, at Longnor (1785 or 6) and was important in the conversion of many others.

The chapel at Rewlach owes much to her and her witness.

The Shirley Association has studied the family history, and has published the main parts on a web site.

Text of William Shirley memorial

This monument, a tribute of esteem
is in memory of
William Shirley,
of Rewlach, born 1834, died 1903

He was a Class Leader 1871 - 1903, and a Circiut Steward 17 years,
Guardian and Rural District Councillor, 1866-1903, and somewhile an ex-officio magistrate.

A useful, helpful, benevolent man, his death was widely regretted.

Requiescat in pace

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(1) Mary Shirley, 1749 to 1827, Mary Johnson married John Shirley, 1768. return

(2) The Countess of Huntingdon, Lady Selina Shirley, is included in the Shirley Association web site. I commend this for further information about her and George Whitfield. She was a daughter of Robert Shirley, first Earl Ferrers, by his second wife wife, Selina Finch. Her life, (1707 - 1791) almost exactly coincided with John Wesley (1703 - 1791), and in her own way she was as devoted to the cause of Christ amongst the nobility. (See also Shirleys of England.) (The Shirley Association home page is about 150k and takes 2 minutes to download.) return


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