Family Tree of Robert Orpe Higginson

Higginson Family Tree (21k)

Family Lists

These are lists with notes relating to some of the people in the Family Tree diagram.

Not all dates are available. Except for the first Thomas Orpe on the diagram, all dates are believed to be birth dates.

This is included for wider relevance to the history of Methodism. For example, the Orpe family included a Travelling Preacher from the time of John Wesley. The younger Thomas Higginson provided a farm building which was converted into a Chapel (at Luddington, near Stratford-upon-Avon). Other families shown here provided Ministers, Local Preachers and Church Officers over many generations.

In this, these families are typical of many Methodist families whose names appear in the Chapel histories in this archive.

This will be subject to revision as more information becomes available.

Please Contact us. if you have any additional information.

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First draft September 2000