Eardley family list

We have no information at the moment about Isaac Eardley's parents, except the suggestion (March 2001) that his father was Edwin Eardley, who had a farm at or near Endon. But the children, including Isaac, are as follows :

Family :

Herbert, (11 February 1853 - ) (m. Elizabeth Hamson)
Elizabeth, (26 May 1854 - 13 May 1924)
Stephen, (14 February 1856 - 15 March 1899)
Isaac, (27 April 1858 - 18 December 1934)
Asenath, (17 July 1860 - 16 December 1932)
Sarah, (13 September 1862 - )

Notes on Isaac and Martha

(We have no information at the moment of the rest of the Eardley family.)

Father - Isaac Eardley, 27 April 1858 to 18 December 1934

Mother - Martha Heath, (7 July 1863 - 1948)

Children :

Martha Elizabeth (19/11/1883 - 24/5/1970) (m. Thomas Higginson) ;
Ruth (23/4/1888 - ./1/1970) ;
Alice ( 6/1/1892 - 193x) (m. Tom Holtom (26/1/1890 - 3/3/1946) ) ;
James (11/5/1895 - 8/7/1954) ;
Mary (4/1/1886 - 6/1/1886) ;
Miriam (20/5/1899 - 24/11/1930) (m. Frederick Lewis (14/9/196 - ) ;


Isaac and Martha first lived in Elgin Street, Shelton (Potteries). (Two Heath families lived at No 43 and 45. My father guesses that the Eardleys lived at No 45, but that is not known. It is equally possible that Isaac and Martha met through Methodist contacts.)

Isaac Eardley was a carrier in or for the potteries. This probably meant that he had his own horse and cart, or lorry, was self employed carrying raw materials into potteries, and maybe the finished products out.

During the 1890's he changed to farming, renting a small farm at Amington (nr. Tamworth).

Their children went to the village school, and in those days you "left school" at the age of 12. The girls would normally go on to a Dairy School to learn the trade (making butter, etc.). I have some memory of my grandmother speaking of this.

In the early 1900's they moved to Nether Whitacre to another rented farm. We have four photographs of Lea Marston Girls School, about 1900 to 1910, which would have been their local school, 2 or 3 miles walk away. During that period, Martha Elizabeth, Alice and Miriam were married.

In the mid 1920's the Eardleys (Isaac, Martha, James and Ruth) moved to Woodlands Farm, Rowney Green. Isaac and Martha are buried at Alvechurch. James and Ruth moved to the farm at Luddington owned by Thomas and Martha Higginson.

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