Warslow has two chapels, one Wesleyan and one Primitive. The PM chapel shows some similarity with that at Hulme End.

Extracts from J B Dyson, "Methodism in the Leek Circuit" 1853 (Leek Wesleyan Centenary Book)
For Primitive Methodist history see below.

Brown Hill, which was the residence of Mr. Gould, is about five minutes walk from this village, whither the society, it will he recollected, removed from Hulme-End. After the death of Mr. Gould it was dispersed, and the farm-house was taken down to give place to what is termed "Warslow Hall."

Some years ago preaching was introduced into the village, and in 1849 an elegant Chapel was erected. When the accounts came to be wound up, it was found that the remaining deficit was £47. One of the Trustees, whose liberality has been frequently referred to in the account of Leek, and who had already contributed largely by way of subscription, stepped forward, and laid the amount on the table saying, "We must have the chapel free from debt." The society is small, but the congregations are such as to give hope for the future. ELKSTONE is united with Warslow.

John Wilshaw was a native of this locality. He was called into the regular work of the Ministry in 1773. He seems to have been a popular preacher, and to have had some success in his work. He retired as a Supernumerary in 1809, and came to reside at Cowey-head, near to Elkstone. He opened his house for preaching, and took an active part in proclaiming the truths of the Gospel in the villages and hamlets which had been the scene of his early labours. He left this vale of tears in 1818.

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