Ramsor CHapel (74k) Ramsor Chapel (78k) Daa (32k) Laid by Mr. C. Chritchlow May 13 1897 (43k) Mamorial (29k)


Ramsor Chapel is significant in the history of Primitive Methodism. It was the place of Camp Meetings (from October 1809 ; Hugh Bourne records that 30 started for heven in one day) and became a head of circuit in the Tunstall District. Ramsor Section Circuit Plan

For further information, see our various sections on Primitive Methodism, Life of Hugh Bourne, and History of the P.M. Connexion.

The Chapel closed in 1969, but was re-opened in 1971 having been bought privately and restored to use.

At present (August 2001) the building is again closed for repairs and decorating, but will be opened for services as soon as possible.

The owner of this web site would like, on his own initiative, to invite anyone willing to give time to help with this to get in touch ( Contact ) and he will pass on offers of help to the owner of the chapel.

More information on the history of Ramsor will be added to this page later in 2001. See our Books section. Mr. W. H. Simcock has a useful chapter in his book "Primitive Methodism in the Leek Moorlands" which we will publish here subject to permission.

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August 2001