Methodism in my Native Village by Thomas Willshaw, 1891

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This is a very interesting book on the history of Methodism in Cheddleton, told with a number of biographical sketches.

Additional material (specific maps,etc.,) will follow when drawn. The general maps will show where most of the named places are.

Methodism in my Native Village- CONTENTS,

Methodism comes to Cheddleton
Early Preaching
Some Local Preachers, and Rev. Joseph Wood (a Primitive Methodist Minister)
Sampson Warrington
John T. Warrington
William and Philip Walker
Rev. David Roe
Cheddleton Methodism after Sampson Warrington
Mrs. Sarah Hambleton
The Centenary Celebrations
Concluding Comment

The story of Sampson Warrington explains why his name was included in family records of some ancestors of this web site's owner. He was not included as a family connection, but as someone who had an influence for good in their lives and many others in Cheddleton.

Maps (to be drawn, for general guidance and explanation)

General Maps and Diagrams folder

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07 February 2004