The Romance of Primitive Methodism by Joseph Ritson, 1909

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Chapter 16 - CONTENTS,

Condition of the country a century ago
Share of Primitive Methodism in producing the change
Relation to temperance and trades unionism
Testimony of Thomas Burt, M.P.
Influence on law and order
Trade Union leaders, Primitive Methodists
Courage required to champion trades unionism
House of Commons records quoted
The despotism of colliery owners
Six Primitive Methodists imprisoned
Work of Primitive Methodism in rural England
Inculcation of principles of freedom
Serfdom and degradation of agricultural labourer
Change effected by Primitive Methodism
Farmer's testimony to Robert Key
Canon Jessopp's testimony
The seven men of Preston
Primitive Methodism and passive resistance
Primitive Methodism and the Free Church Federation

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24 November 2002