We have been lent, by kind friends in North Staffordshire, a few issues of the Primitive Methodist Magazine.

These would have been printed by Hugh Bourne, using the press at Bemersley Farm, where he set up the Connexional Bookroom.
The actual printing press is now at Englesea Brook Chapel and Museum.
The bookroom and other buildings of Bemersley Farm have been damaged in a fire.

The magazines divide into several sections : - Advice to Travelling Preachers ; Various Studies (practical and Bible studies) ; Accounts of lives and deaths of church members ; Letters ; Journals of Travelling Preachers ; Poems.
The accounts of lives and deaths are of ordinary people who would otherwise be unremembered. They are included for their example to be followed (or in some cases avoided).

Available in rtf format file created using Atlantis

The original page numbering has been retained either in the text or as (000) . When the original page numbers come within a paragraph, they are in green. Where possible, the original page layout has been preserved, but some footnotes are relocated for better layout in this format.

June 1824 (20 pages; 56.5k) ; July 1824 (59.9k) ; November 1824 ( 15.5k incomplete copying (30/7/02), all pages available) ; December 1824 (35 k) (incomplete, pages missing from original) ; February 1830 (77.5k) ; October 1830 (28 pages, 79.9 k)

Proof reading - these were copied using OCR software. This is of variable accuracy, depending on the condition of the original. We cannot guarantee that our proof-reading has corrected all errors. Some original spelling mistakes have been retained.


August 2001