The Overcomer magazine published by Mrs. Jessie Penn Lewis and Evan Roberts, 1909 - 1914

Extracts from the 1914 final year.

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December 1914 issue available at 14 January 2004. More to follow soon.

This magazine is of interest during 2004 with the centenary of the Welsh Revival of 1904.
The Revival is commonly regarded as beginning with special prayer by Evan Roberts.
Mrs. Penn Lewis had been involved in the Welsh Keswick movement, one of many background influences to the Revival.

Members of Headway and other readers of Headline will be aware of the series of articles on the 1904 Welsh Revival. These will cover not only the history of the Revival, but also lessons to be drawn from a comparison with early Methodism. In the light of this, The Overcomer may be of wider interest.

We have copied individual pages as in the 1914 bound single volume.
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There is some excellent material here, not least D. M. Panton's series on Isaiah ch. 53. But some readers may wish to be aware that the writers are from a Calvinistic background. However, there is very little here that is not also common ground with Arminian Methodism.

We have begun with the December issue because this gives a greater historical over-view than the previous months. In particular, pages 173 to 192 give a useful history. After the events of the 1904-5 Welsh Revival, Evan Roberts suffered a breakdown of health (1906), and then lodged in the Penn Lewis's home in Leicester. He resumed his prayer ministry, and he and Mrs. Penn Lewis wrote a number of books (notably War on the Saints ) and established The Overcomer magazine. In 1913, Evan Roberts had a vision that the Second Coming would be in 1914, and the minstry of The Overcomer took its direction from this. While 1914 was significant, the expected rapture ("translation") of the Church did not take place then. The message of "Be Ready" is still as important in the 21st century as it has always been.

"The Prayer Ministry of Evan Roberts" begins with a reference to his call to prayer in 1904. In her "Autobiographical Sketch", Jessie Penn Lewis has a paragraph and a footnote refering to 1904. And the article on "War on the Saints" refers to the 1904 Revival as having "dispensational significance".

The writers have some interesting things to say about "spiritual warfare" which has been echoed at the end of the 20th century. However, we judge the things written in The Overcomer to be more Biblically based than some recent teachings. On the latter, see newsletters on

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