A NEW HISTORY OF METHODISM (1909) by Townsend, Workman and Eayrs.

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The Methodist New Connexion (40k) The Methodist New Connexion, sometimes referred to as "Kilhamites" after Alexander Kilham who was the most well known of their preachers, were the first group to break away from Wesleyan Methodism after the death of John Wesley (1791). At that time, Methodism formally became a separate denomination. This was the first group to react against the formalism which they considered alien to Wesley's original ideals.

Bible Christian Methodists (25k). The Bible Christians, also called Quaker Methodists and Arminiam Bible Christians, arose in Devon at about the same time as Primitive Methodism, the first half of the 19th century. "The King's Son", a Memoir of Billy Bray by F. W. Bourne, is to be posted on this site later this year.

Primitive Methodism (94k) Primitive Methodism was the largest of the groups to break away from Wesleyan Methodism. It had a great impact for the Gospel throughout Britain, especially in North Staffordshire, which was its birthplace.


(A NEW HISTORY OF METHODISM is a very useful introduction to these branches of Methodism. In offering these extracts, we believe that this work is now out of copyright.)

16 June 2002