'THIS AMIABLE FAMILY by Rev. David Leese

This is a new study, which was presented at the Wesley Historical Society, East Midlands, meeting on Saturday 3rd April 2004.

We provide the main text (html) (rtf) of this study here following the presentation, by kind permission of the author.

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The D(e)akin and Harvey families lived in the general area between Mow Cop and Rushton Spencer in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Elizabeth Deakin became a Primitive Methodist Local Preacher during the first decade of Primitive Methodism, and Hugh Bourne thought well of her preaching.

George Harvey was a Wesleyan, and when they married, he was content that they should support either the Wesleyans or the Primitive Mathodists according to which was the most suitable where they might happen to live.

David Leese has researched their story from a number of sources, and this account provides an illuminating little window into Methodism in North Staffordshire.

If you have any additional information on George Harvey and Elizabeth Deakin which could be of interest to David Leese, please contact us on this web site and we shall forward any e-mails.

(Note that both the spellings Deakin and Dakin were used interchangeably at the time of interest, the early part of the 19th Century.)

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20 July 2004