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Minutes of a Quarterly Meeting of the Leek Primitive Methodist Circuit, 1862

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The following is a typed transcription of the Minutes of one of the Quarterly Meetings in the early years of the Leek Primitive Methodist Circuit. I have tried to decipher the hand-writing, and to copy it as accurately as I can including original spellings (Figer, propryerty, Miniuets) and capital letters (or not as in Resolution 49) and lack of punctuation. Sections crossed out are shown by cross ; minutes 19 and 34 have an insert written above the original line. A few words are obscure and may be corrected later.

The Leek P.M. Circuit as formed in 1838 from, mostly, the north-west part of the Ramsor Circuit, which in turn had been formed in 1822 from (part of) the Tunstall Circuit. (Circuit tree) (Chapel list)

Most of the places mentioned are to the east of Leek; Gun End, about 4 miles north of Leek, is the only place west of the Leek - Buxton road. Morridge End is near Flash, about 5 miles from Buxton and near the source of the River Manifold. A chapel is shown on older O.S. maps at Morridge Top, on the Leek - Buxton road. Morridge is actually the spectacular ridge at the edge of the moors above Thorncliffe, extending south to Morridge Side near Bradnop on the Leek - Ashbourne road. Biggin, in Derbyshire, is the furthest east. The original Methodist Society there left the Wesleyans and joined the Primitive Methodists after the preaching of various missioners including Samuel Heath in who visited the area in 1823.

Mixon was one of the more distant missionary activities of the Ramsor Circuit. In the 19th century, ther were many mines in this area, including copper (Mixon and Ecton), lead (Ecton and parts of the Manifold Valley) and iron (Waterfall Cross). Froghall Warf is a canal extension built for the high quality lime which was burnt in kilns there.

We are not aware of any P.M. Chapels in Wetton (Minutes 37 and 49) or some of the other villages, but many societies met in private homes. Apart from Leek, Warslow is the only place known to have had both P.M. (1848) and Wesleyan (1849) Chapels. The chapels at Hulme End and at Mill Dale were P.M.

The extent of Camp Meetings is encouraging.

This Minutes provides an interesting snapshot of Primitive Methodist activity some 50 years after the beginnings of the P.M. Connexion. We see a community seeking to maintain discipline and order (Minutes 10, 15); to structure the meetings and the Circuit (Minutes 19 - 28); and at the same time maintaining the Primitive missionary zeal (Minutes 31 - 37, 43).

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Minutes of a Quarterly Meeting held at Leek March 10 1862

Resolution 1st That Mr. Salt have no appointment next Qr

2nd that Brother Heathcote have his request and that we recomend him to join the Winster Circuit.

3 that Charles Harrison go up on full Plan

4 that Brothers Wright, Cantrill and Prime continue as Exhorters another Quarter

5 that Brothers Ward, Oakden and Rushton go up as Exhorters

6 that Stephen Bloor have a Note to Preach if requested

7 that George Meakin have a Note to Preach if requested

8 that Brothers Harris, Johnson and Heathcote come on the Plan by reference as exhorters

9 that the accounts of the Leek Sabbath School be received

10 that we order 400 Society Rules and that every Member in the Circuit be furnished with a coppy and that Brother Beard read the Rule when he preach at Butterton

11 that Brother Beard inform the Friends at Butterton of the reason Brother Sutcliffe missed them.

12 that the accounts of last Quarter be received and signed

13 that Brother Hammersley ask the Mixon Friends about the Fund collection.

14 that Brother Mellor sink one Figer on the Plan for neglect of appointment and for sending no reason to this Meeting for so doing.

15 that Mr. Edge and Brother Pott be dealt with according to the Rule for neglect of appointment

16 that Brothers Abbott and Johnson go to Gun End on Sunday March 16th

17 that Brothers Alley and Cantrill go to Ecton on Sunday March 16th

18 that Brother Heathcote go to Warslow on Sunday March 16th

along with all the Preachers
19 that we recoment all the Trustees ^ in connexion with all our Chapels in the Leek Circuit to see to all the Chapel Deeds and get them put right

20 that we confirm the minit past at the Trustees Meeting respecting a new Chapel Deed and an addition of Trustees

21 that the documents of the following Brethren be received Alley, Stubbs and Smith Providing their Trial Sermons be aproved

22 that the Service at Warslow and Biggin be at half past six o clock

23 that Morridge End service be at 2 and six o clock

24 that Mill Dale service be at 2 and 1/2 past six o clock

25 that their be a Mission at Leek this Quarter

26 that Gun End and Ecton come on the Plan

27 that Prospect Place come on the Plan for Tuesday night and that Mill Street come on the Plan at 2 o clock on Sunday 28 that the number of Members be received being 329

29 that the Roll Book be signed

30 that Brother Sutcliffe be requested to stop with us another year

31 that the principal Missionary Meetings be held at the usual time with Hulme End added

32 that be missionary meetings at the following places Mixon Morridge Gun End and Ecton

33 that the Leek Camp Meeting be held Sunday before Quarter Day

A collection on the ground
34 that there be a Camp Meeting held at Reepsmoor ^

35 Biggin Camp Meeting be held first Sunday in July

36 that Morridge Camp Meeting be held latter end of June

37 that Wetton Camp Meeting be held third Sunday in June

38 that the aniversary sermons of Leek Sunday School be in July by Jukes

39 that the warslow aniversary sermons be held in May by G. Weaver

40 that Biggin aniversary sermons be held in the beginning of June by J. Needham

41 Tea Meetings
Leek May Morridge End May Warslow Good Friday Thorncliff Good Friday

42 Protracted Meeting at Leek & thorncliff

43 Revival Meetings Fleet Green Hulme End Warslow Morridge End Mill Dale

44 that Sister White preach sermons at Mill Dale in April for candles and coal.

45 that Brother Dakin be requested to be assistant superintendant

46 that the Circuit Steward be selected.

47 that the next Quarterly Meeting be at Leek this day thirteen weeks to commence at 1 O clock

48 that the circuit committee be selected

49 that the society stewards be selected with a change at wetton friend wood in the room of friend Mellor

50 that Brother Needham be Delegate to the District Meeting and that brother Hogkinson be Vice Delegate

51 that the 14 and 15 Miniuets be recieved and the brethren and sister be admonished.

52 that the Preachers planed to lead Classes are on the first Sunday of the new Plan be furnished with a copy of our Society Rules

53 that we request the District meeting to be held at leek next year

54 that we recomend the next Leaders meeting to take into consideration the propryerty of dividing the Wednesday night Class into three

55 that the Chapel Shedule and Circuit Report be signed when Prepaird

56 that all the Class Book through the Circuit be brought to the next Quarterly Meeting and examined

57 that the adjourned Quarterly Meeting be held on Wensday the 7th of May to convene at 1/2 past six

58 that the Leaders be requested to collect class money weekly and pay the same in to the society steward at our leaders meetings

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