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Recommendation The study on Midrash on the Moriel website is useful background to any Bible study. Some revision of these study notes may be done to include the insights from Midrash. Midrash is the interpretative method used by Jewish Rabbis at the time when the New Testament was written.
Psalm 19, for example, is a good example where the method of Midrash helps with understanding this Psalm.

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Psalm 19 html rtf
Psalm 145 html rtf
Alkmond - A study on a house in Shrewsbury html rtf
Four Soils - Rambling on a Path html rtf
Handel's Messiah html rtf
Nothing Amiss html rtf
Samson's Riddle html rtf
The Tabernacle Timetable html rtf
Two Blind Men html rtf
A Brass Trifle html rtf
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