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Not theological, but I am not sure where to put it.
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Moriel web site
This has some excellent insights on Jewish-Christian understanding of the Bible. Jacob Prasch, main teacher, is well informed on Midrash (the normal way of interpreting the Scriptures during New Testament times) and also background material such as the Talmud. A valuable resource is the new series (published early 2006) of teaching DVD’s recorded on-location in Israel. These bring many Bible studies to life in a new way.

The Berean Call Bible teaching and current affairs website of David Hunt and Tom MacMahon

Slice of Laodicea A blog commentary on the Church in the 21st century.


Lambert Dolphin maintains a web site which is useful for studies in the Bible and science.

Lambert Dolphin's Resources
Lambert's Resources

Lambert Dolphin's Library
Lambert's Library

Lambert Dolphin's Web Site List
Lambert's Web Site List

Malcolm Bowden is a British writer on the Bible and science     Malcolm's Home Page

Other good sites are   Answers In Genesis    and   True Origin

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