Some of these are free versions of larger commercial programs, while others are in a free version only.

Word processor download

Some documents on this site are in Rich Text Format. This is both more printer-friendly than HTML, and faster to download.

A useful new word processor for rtf files is Atlantis , which may be found on some magazine cover discs. The Webmaster has found Atlantis to be much more efficient than MS Word, though without many of the extra facilities.

The source file for Atlantis 0.7 is 652 k (download time 2 to 3 minutes with 56k modem) and runs to install Atlantis v0.7, help, and the form for free registration .

Atlantis Nova 1.0, freeware, is now available (27 Feb 2001). The source file is 1.1MB.

Atlantis Ocean Mind 1.0 full version (shareware, $27) is available (27 Feb 2001)

Both (frequently revised and improved) from Rising Sun Software.

Cookie Killer

Spider is a program to clean out cookies and hidden URLs which are planted on your computer when you use the internet.

Link to Spider publisher.

E_Mail and Text re-format

Stripmail is a program designed to tidy up forwarded e-mail messages. Since it works on text copied to Clipboard, it will also tidy text in word processor programs. This is very useful for documents which have been scanned and converted to text with OCR programs.

Stripmail from publishers (Datasoft Ltd.) , or this site.

Music publisher (printed music)

Finale Notepad is a written music publishing program.

Download (about 2.9MB) from publishers, (sample Coda Music page on this site.)

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