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Finale NotePad

Finale® NotePad™ is your invitation to the world of music notation software! Find out how fun and easy it is transform your musical ideas into beautiful printed music by downloading this software now!

Register and Download Finale NotePad here!
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Millenium Edition:
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Key Features
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You'll never outgrow the Finale family.

NotePad is created by the makers of and Finale Allegro® and PrintMusic!™, the world's #1 music notation programs.

So when you're ready to trade up to PrintMusic!, Allegro or Finale for more power and flexibility, everything you've learned and created is instantly usable. No data is lost, and you don't have to learn a new program.

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Finale NotePad Windows Free Download!
Finale NotePad Macintosh Free Download!
Buy Finale NotePad CD-ROM!

from simple songs to arrangements up to 8 staves!

SEE and HEAR your creations!


just like the world’s leading music publishers!

in the Finale Showcase™ and at!

Key Features of NotePad

Set-up Wizard lets you select the instruments or voices you need, then sets up your score automatically.
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NotePad Document Setup Wizard
Hear it like you see it! Just click the PLAY button to hear and see your music as it plays.
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NotePad Playback Controls
Easy lyric entry automatically fits the text under the notes.
NotePad Music Example with Lyrics

Simple note entry lets you hear notes as you click them into place using your mouse and the Simple Entry Palette.

NotePad Simple Entry Tool Palette

Print or publish on the Internet Print beautiful music or post your music on the Web for others to view or buy!

More about Finale NotePad!

Finale NotePad Windows Free Download!Finale NotePad Macintosh Free Download!
Buy Finale NotePad CD-ROM!


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Finale NotePad is $19.95 on CD-ROM
or available for FREE as a download.

Download Finale NotePad for Macintosh!
Download Finale NotePad for Windows!
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FREE Macintosh or
Windows download!
CD-ROM available
for $19.95!

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Coda Music Technology, Inc.
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Eden Prairie, MN 55346-1718


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